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A collaboration between the FS Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania, FS Financial Scholars aims to provide Philadelphia high school students and their families with the tools needed to generate greater wealth and achieve financial empowerment. The program combines in-class financial literacy curriculum, an after-school club focused on entrepreneurship, and evening and weekend programming for adults.

FS Financial Scholars currently operates at Bodine High School for International Affairs, Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School, Central High School, Esperenza Academy, Freire Charter School, Murrell Dobbins Career and Technical Education High School, Sayre High School, School of the Future, South Philadelphia High School, TECH Freire Charter School, and Youthbuild Charter School.

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FS Investments

FS Investments is a leading asset manager dedicated to helping individuals, financial professionals and institutions design better portfolios. The firm provides access to alternative sources of income and growth, and focuses on setting industry standards for investor protection, education and transparency. FS Investments is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with offices in New York, NY, Orlando, FL and Washington, DC. Visit www.fsinvestments.com to learn more.

The University of Pennsylvania

Founded in 1740, The University of Pennsylvania is the fourth oldest institute of higher learning in the United States. The University is credited with many “firsts” including the first school of medicine in North America, the first collegiate business school, and the first student union. It is recognized as one of the premier research universities in the country with a research budget of over $900 million and over 35 Nobel laureates. The University has a strong social impact presence both locally and globally.

Bridges to Wealth

Bridges to Wealth is a cross-generational program empowering both youth and adults with vital entrepreneurial and life skills. The curriculum and courses aim to help participants learn to generate wealth through savings and investing. Participants develop leadership and business skills that support them whether they strive to be entrepreneurs or simply want to create more professional opportunities for themselves. In addition to FS Financial Scholars, Bridges to Wealth is currently engaged in several community-led efforts, including senior community centers, faith-based institutions and community health centers. Visit www.bridgestowealth.org to learn more.

“We expect young people to succeed after high school without teaching them how to balance a checkbook or understand what interest rates are and why they matter. In today’s world, we need to better equip our youth.“

Mike Gerber
President, FS Foundation
Executive Vice President, FS Investments


Mike Gerber

Michael Gerber is Senior Managing Director of Corporate Affairs at FS Investments and serves as President of the FS Foundation, the firm’s philanthropic arm. Mr. Gerber serves on the firm’s Executive Committee and manages the communications, investor relations, and government and regulatory affairs teams.

Mia Fioravanti

Mia Fioravanti is Executive Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at FS Investments and Executive Director of the FS Foundation. Ms. Fioravanti oversees the firm’s corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Keith Weigelt

Dr. Keith Weigelt is a Marks-Darivoff Family Professor of Strategy at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Weigelt is a game theorist and a recipient of Wharton’s Excellence in Teaching Award for both negotiation and strategy. Along with Dr. Jill Bazelon, Dr. Weigelt co-founded Bridges to Wealth with a mission to bring a business school curriculum to underrepresented communities.

Jill Bazelon

Dr. Jill Bazelon is a co-founder of Bridges to Wealth and an instructor in the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education Urban Masters program. Dr. Bazelon holds a PhD in Educational Policy from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. She is responsible for designing and implementing all of Bridges to Wealth’s community and school-based programming.


Young Americans are faced with high-stakes economic decisions, yet financial literacy standards in the U.S. are disappointingly low. With the rise of economic inequality, our nation’s unpreparedness for retirement and the proliferation of student debt, our programs aim to equip our young people with the tools needed to make smart, early financial decisions.




of students nationwide are required to take a personal finance class to graduate high school.1



out of 15 countries surveyed for student financial literacy knowledge.2

Savings and Retirement


of Americans save nothing for retirement.3


of Americans have no savings, in addition to their retirement savings.3


Originally piloted at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School, FS Financial Scholars currently operates in fifteen Philadelphia-area public and charter high schools, including:

Bodine High School for International Affairs

Joined 2017

Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School

Joined 2015

Central High School

Joined 2017

Esperenza Academy

Joined 2018

Freire Charter School

Joined 2017

George Washington High School

Joined 2019

Mastery Shoemaker Charter School

Joined 2019

Murrell Dobbins Career and Technical Education High School

Joined 2017

Sayre High School

Joined 2018

School of the Future

Joined 2018

South Philadelphia High School

Joined 2017

TECH Freire Charter School

Joined 2018

West Philadelphia High School

Joined 2019

Youthbuild Charter School

Joined 2018

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New schools are invited to apply each April during national Financial Literacy Month. Applicant criteria and partnership expectations can be found here.

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